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Need help with the layout for your company's brochure, the pagination of your magazine or the flyer to promote your business, talk to me.


Want to create or redesign your web page, need a newsletter to spread your information, looking for help with your social media, talk to me.


You have a new business, think your company's image is outmoded, looking for a new visual identity, want to improve the way your brand is recognize, talk to me.

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Designer focused on improving communication
and interaction of companies and professionals

I'm Bruno Santos portuguese Designer, with over 10 years of experience I manage the communication and image department of a Portuguese tour operator in addition to working as a freelancer.
I passed through IADE where I acquired a consistent training and a set of knowledge that allowed me to enter and evolve in the job market.
I specialize in Editorial, Web and Branding design, through the knowledge I have acquired, I seek to improve the communication and interaction of companies and professionals.

I love my work and I try know more and more to do better work because I believe that with hard work, the will to evolve and an open mind, we can achieve success.
I'm constantly looking for new ideas what I see around me, whether it's on my desk or on the street
The better our ability to see and learn from our surroundings more effective is the solution we find to problems.
My evolution is reflected in the quality of the work I present.

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